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One of the main reasons why we partnered up with Bike Aid and formed the 2016 Stradalli Cycle – Bike Aid Conti Team

Please watch this short video and see how cycling can save and change lives 


Stradalli Cycle 27.5 Full Suspension MTB Bike with Inverted Forks on Porsche Twin Turbo 

Interview With Stradalli Cycle CEO and Entrepreneur Tom Steinbacher at Richmond 2015



Stradalli Cycle Tips For Cleaning a Full Carbon Bicycle and Chain Cleaning and Lubing


You may have seen the full carbon bikes of teams being washed with water which makes you question if you should use water to wash your bike. The answer is NO. Never wash your bike with water!

Teams do so much maintenance and cleaning of their cycles that they do not have to concern themselves with water contamination and rust. 

Before we get started here’s what you will need: 2 rags, bike wash, a stand, 2 plastic bags and a drop cloth (if you are doing this in a room in your house)

  1. Put the plastic bags over the brake pads to keep any chemicals off of them OR COVER THEM SOME KIND OF WAY
  2. Spray all over the cycle with the wash but do NOT spray directly on the bars, bar tape, bearing seals or any electrical components. They will be fine if you wipe them down but you do not want to spray on them directly.
  3. Take 1 of the rags and spray it with some of the wash and begin wiping the bike. Don’t forget to get the underside and wipe off any dirt you find. Be careful when wiping any cables so that you do not pull on them too much.
  4. Now take your other rag and use it to wipe down the bike, cleaning it of any excess residue and picking up any dirt you may have missed. Because you are not using water you want to use a clean rag to wipe it down.


Cleaning The Bike Chain: 1 rag, degreaser, chain lube, old toothbrush

  1. Make sure the bike is up on a stand. Take some degreaser and apply it to the chain by turning the crank backwards. Once the chain has a good amount of degreaser applied to it you can take an old toothbrush and begin gently scrubbing the chain. An old toothbrush works best because the bristles are small but can still get into the hard to reach areas and get out any dirt deposits.
  2. Wipe the chain down with the rag to remove as much of the degreaser and dirt as possible.
  3. Once the chain is a clean as possible and you have wiped up as much of the degreaser as you can give the chain a couple of minutes to dry. After this you can start applying the lube but make sure you apply a drop to EVERY single link and side plate of the chain.
  4. Again you want to spin the crank backwards to make sure that everything cycles through without a problem.
  5. Take the rag and hold it around the chain and cassette while you backpedal. This will help to remove excess lube.

Combined this should take less than 20 minutes and provide you with a clean and functioning bike. 


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